Desired Gifts You Couldn't Give Before

Skincare is a great gift as long as it suits the recipient.

Sulu will help you give and receive perfect-matched skin care products for those who like something new, as well as for those who use a strict list of products.


If the gift's recipient knows exactly what products he needs and likes to avoid experimenting, then the wishlist is the best way. It is also suitable for those who want to try a particular new product.
Tap the "Add to Wishlist" button in the product description.

Exchange your tokens

Skincare is a gift for very close people, so you must link those with whom you want to exchange gifts.

List of your friends

Tap the "Token list" button in the main menu to see all your loved ones.

Wishlist of your friend

Tap the "Wishlist" button against your friend's name, and you will see the list of desirable products.

Something new

If some of your loved ones don't mind trying something new, it still should fit your friend's skin profile.

Sulu will show you if skincare suits your friend, just like it shows if it suits you.

Take a picture

Tap the "Camera" button against your friend's name, and take a picture of the skincare you consider as a gift.

A perfect gift

Sulu recognizes the product from the image, decodes the ingredients and determines how they interact with your friend's skin.
Sulu recognizes the product from a single picture, decodes the ingredients, and determines how they interact with your skin.

Data privacy is always preserved

Sulu is an AI-based application that recognizes skincare from the picture, knows all the information about it, and understands how its ingredients interact with the skin. It doesn't share any personal information, even with your loved ones. It only gives you the final results.
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