Why do I need sun protection?
The sun's rays contribute to the development of acne. Let's see how.
As you know,
the causes of acne are sebum and dead skin cells that clog the pores, and Cutibacterium acnes bacteria that feed and multiply in clogged pores, causing inflammation.
Another reaction of interaction with the sun is keratinization—the skin cells on the surface hardening. Dead skin cells do not exfoliate and prevent the release of sebum from the pores.
It also increases sweating. Sweat and grease come to the surface and improve the breeding ground for bacteria. It is no coincidence that in the summer, the appearance of acne increases.
The UV rays dry and thin the skin. The body reacts and produces more sebum to compensate for the loss.
The sun's rays negatively affect all the factors that cause acne. That's why protecting your skin from direct sunlight is essential.
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